Jam Quest goes national!

An email received at CM Chesterfield office went something like this…

Comment: Last Christmas a friend gave us a jar of Cowbridge Country Market, Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam, labelled as, “TXXXX 41, XXX yyy”.

The jam is absolutely superb. I wanted to arrange to send jars of it to some friends and although we did pop along to the Cowbridge market, I couldn’t see this particular jam. Also, our friends live in Scotland and England so of course this particular jam would not be available to them by the hamper scheme.

If possible, I would like to purchase several jars and send it myself to our friends in our Christmas parcels, so would appreciate the following information.

We suddenly found this year, a blackcurrant bush fruiting in our garden and we also have a rhubarb plant so of course, I’m tempted to try and make this jam combo.

I cannot emphasise enough how nice this jam is. I like blackcurrant jam anyway, but it is often a bit too sweet. The tartness of the rhubarb, tempers it perfectly. It really is a stunning product and as frugal as we’ve been in using it, sadly we used the last of it today.

I look forward to your reply.
Many thanks and best regards.    Jean

So Publicity Director Suzie put her CID hat on and after a few phone calls found the creator of this sublime confection- Mavis from Cowbridge! Mavis was thrilled to hear her jam was being held in such regards. Permission was given for the seeker to contact Mavis direct.

Two weeks later this email arrived!

Just to let you know that Mavis made us a whole batch of her sublime, Blackcurrant & Rhubarb jam. Mavis kindly offered to deliver it but we were on a brutal garden schedule so instead, picked up the 12 jars yesterday from, Cowbridge Country Market. It was lovely to meet the Alchemist in person. We told Mavis our plans for sending some of the jam as Christmas presents. Immediately, the distribution will be Nationwide, but we’re hoping to expand the distribution.  

As we brought the precious cargo home, Michael suggested that we open a jar straightaway. I was not so sure as I thought that as with pickles, maybe jam needs time to “mature”, and this batch was less than a week old. 

Michael persevered and so we opened a jar, and have to say, it was absolutely superb. Taste, smell, texture, everything about it was exactly the same as the initial jar we tried. It’s just as well we bought extra jars for our own pleasure! We know full well that to achieve such consistency in a product is a manufacturer’s Holy Grail. To deliver the goods with such consistent quality is laudable. 


Please pass on our deepest thanks to Mavis, not just for fulfilling the order so promptly, but also our sincere congratulations on a job that has been very well executed!  Jean 

Mavis was duly informed of the email and was very happy to hear it passed muster!

Jean is going to mention Country Markets to the recipients of the jam so that they can experience the wonderful home made products we produce all round the country!

Well done Mavis! And thanks Jean for taking the time to find the source of your pleasure!

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