Old (and new) customers get their cake and eat it!

Patricia Bruzon – Axminster CM reports on their new initiative- taking the goodies to the masses!

You can never rest on your laurels , the moment you stop looking for opportunities, is the moment enthusiasm and sales decline. On a whim I was visiting my local garage , and I asked whether they might welcome a visit from our market, no strings attached, no pressure to buy.  ( I had in the past often given a cake or two to the owner when getting my car serviced)  The result of this casual enquiry, is that every week at 10am we take a tray of goodies and have been selling approximately £10 worth of goods , mainly  but not exclusively, sausage rolls . The important thing is that this prompted another market member  to suggest we took our goods to the local sheltered apartments. It required a phone call to the overall building management company who then released the number of the local administrator and we were able to gain access to the flats. We thought that it was important that the residents were protected from all and sundry trying to sell to them so we were delighted to be given permission to turn up at the given time with our  goods. We had no idea what would prove popular , but we had prepared goods in smaller packages including a loaf cake split in two. We took along some savouries as well as cakes and biscuits, everything sold. We also had preserves in smaller jars which sold even though they were more expensive  pro rata , than the larger jars . The delight of customers who could no longer get to the market when they recognized our products , is surely yet another reason to offer this service.  Next time we will take some vegetables , as well as more savouries as these are great for people who may not feel inclined to cook for themselves.  £49.50 in our first week, is a promising start. As one producer pointed out, it was a real team effort, from the suggestion to the execution of a slightly off the wall plan.

Well done Axminster!

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