A little R&R

If, like me, you are always balancing fourteen balls in the air hoping some dont drop, then listen up!

I have recently been forced to sit for ten minutes three times a day with a heat pad on my eyes- my tear ducts are blocked and its a way of clearing them apparently!

However, it has forced me to sit and do nothing but listen for a whole 30 minutes a day! What a revelation!

In the quiet, its time for contemplation and reflection on the last few hours/days weeks.

With the radio on- or the TV- its time to actually listen with intent to song lyrics, political arguments and adverts!

But most of all its ten minutes of rest which would not come my way otherwise. It certainly spurs me on to the next task once the eye pad is off! Nothing harms or spoils during the R&R, all tasks will wait until I get to them, which I do with renewed vigour!

So the moral of the tale is- take time- no matter how busy you are- to relax and reflect- just for ten minutes!

You will be more productive, I promise. This condition should be gone in a few weeks but I might just make it last a bit longer- but dont tell anyone!

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